Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas is coming....

Greetings, fellow Bearers!

Yes, it's almost that time, when Yours Truly gets as pathetic acting as any young child in that I absolutely LOVE to open Christmas presents!  You should see me around the house; my wife has to be very careful about where she puts my stuff, and swears my children to secrecy.  Yeah, I'm that bad. :D

The downloads for Fraidy-Cat keep coming in, and it's great to see the interest in it.  As stated before, if you liked Fraidy-Cat, but have not yet read The Summoning of Clade Josso, I encourage you to take a look at it.  I hope to have another free short story for you to examine after New Year's, and will of course continue work on The Summoning of Old Velt.

In the meantime, I hope you get as good an assortment of presents as I usually get! Of course, we'll just forget about that outfit my mom got me a few years back... beyond that, no problems ;)

See you in the Vein!

J. Dean

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