Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back in the Swing of things....

Greetings, fellow Bearers!

Ah, back in the saddle again, working hard.  It was a great Christmas and New Year's, but as fun as it was, I'm glad it's over.  Up here, in the not-so-Great White North (Michigan), it's COLD!  Okay... granted, it's cold all over, no doubt.  But where a friend of my wife lives (A bit south), at least there isn't as much snow.  It's not fun trying to drive on slick roads, folks :(   Spring can't come soon enough for me.  BTW, check out the new SHERLOCK HOLMES movie if you get a chance!

Anyway, check out a couple of more things I've put up on smashwords for your reading pleasure, at least until OLD VELT gets finished.  The first is an attempt at poetry, entitled Jungle Prey, which is something I sketched out when a little free time came my way; not enough to work on my Vein novel, but enough to put into print a stab at poetry.  Admittedly, I'm not a poetry person.  It's hard for me to stay within meters and rhyme schemes and what not (I once did write a sonnet, however, about why sonnets should be done away with).  There's one other poem I might put up; a little diddy about the Chicago Cubs, but I'm waiting until some more work on my other stuff can be finished.

The other recent entry is a short story, most of which I wrote over the summer, entitled One Favor Before You Go..., which is a nice little horror piece that I had considered making part of something larger, but for now have shelved, in part because the Vein is more important, and also because I'm not sure I want to be known primarily as a horror writer (Not that I don't like the horror genre, mind you.  It's a fun genre, just not my first genre of choice). This one is a "Set your own price" story.

More has been finished on OLD VELT, but it's still not quite done yet.  Alexis De Tocqueville once wrote that "in a revolution, as in a novel, the most difficult part is the ending."  How true that can be!  But have no fear, my friends; I'm working on it, and will have it done for your enjoyment!

Until next time, continue to read and review!  Don't hesitate to put your comments up here, there, or anywhere about my writing!  The more the better!

See you in the Vein!

J. Dean

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