Friday, April 23, 2010

...and the editing goes on... and on... and on.....

Greetings, fellow Bearers!

Well, as my title suggests, the first round of editing for Old Velt goes on, as I slog through and make corrections here and there to the text.  Fortunately, I have somebody waiting in the wings for the second round of editing, so that way things that I missed the first time will be spotted.  I did all of the editing myself with Clade Josso, and while I'm happy with the overall result, there were still a few literary smudges and cracks here and there which I see now in retrospect-nothing major, mind you, but little improvements that could have been taken care of had somebody else read the manuscript.   With Old Velt, such a problem will be easier to avoid, as another pair of more objective eyes will be scanning this manuscript.

On another note, I'm prepping another short story for Smashwords, entitled "A Walk in the Woods," which is a little bit of a left turn for me.  I'm writing something from the viewpoint of a woman, in part to challenge myself on style, and also in part because this story works better from a feminine point of view.  That in and of itself makes me a little bit nervous, as I don't consider what I write anything near "chick-lit" in substance.  But the story's coming along well, and it shouldn't take too long to get the meat and potatoes of it down and refine it with a once-over.

And Kran is coming along, although not as quickly as I'd like :(.  The advantage of writing at home is that it can be very relaxing and easy to churn out words-when nobody else wants your attention.  The bad news? Well... everybody wants your attention.  That's great for family building, but it stinks when it comes to getting further in the novel!  But I've got an idea or two that should guarantee me a little bit more of a window to write, and the pages should be filling soon. 

So, hang in there and spread the word about Clade Josso to your friends, relatives, neighbors, and extra-terrestrials!  And thank you again for your support and reading!

See you in the Vein!

J. Dean

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