Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New site and Exciting news!

So here we are, with a new blog site! I welcome those of you who are first time visitors, as well as those of you who are carry-overs from the myspace site! I'm pleased to bring to you a new place for blogging!
How much nicer it is to have a blog site which doesn't get blocked at work! Don't worry: for those of you who are productivity-minded, I only work on this on downtime. Same with the second novel, which is getting closer and closer to being finished every day (Pause for cheers and applause).
Right now, between the next novel, the three bands I'm working with (,, and a third teacher band whose website I don't have right off the top of my head), my full time teaching job, and my family, I'm one busy fellow. Nevertheless, I will certainly keep you apprised with updates on the Vein Project, including progress on the novels, booksignings, etc.
Right now, some great news to share with you. Currently, several authors-myself included-who publish works for Kindle readers are in the process of putting together a short story anthology and putting it out for people to purchase, with all proceeds going to a charity or worthy cause (I think that we're putting the profits toward breast cancer research, which is certainly a good cause!). My submission is a short story called "The Accordion", a semi-horror story inspired by a humorous incident that happened in the life of one of my students. With her permission, I shaped what she told me and turned it into an eerie short story, which I hope you will soon be reading.
So for those of you who have purchased THE SUMMONING OF CLADE JOSSO, thank you for doing so, and keep telling others about the book! If you've not yet done so, The book is available through, or if you are a kindle reader, an earlier version is available through Kindle as well (The direct links are provided at the end of this blog, under my signature). And hang in there, Old Velt is on his way!
See you in the Vein!
J. Dean
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